Giving voice to love - Touchstudios celebrates Bernard and XiaoYing

Sneak peeks for our captures over the weekend. It isn't everyday you meet a couple like Bernard and Xiaoying that feels like we have known each other and even their family for years! When it comes to most matters, I am very much a "thinker" than a "feeler" but I got to say everything feels just right.

Groomsmen Jon, Jo, Forest, Shao Jun and Derrick

Bridesmaid Esther, Mei hui, Denise, Meiying and Weenie

Thank you all for making me feel like family and being such joy to work with! Hehe. Especially in Derrick's car when I found out that we were from actually the same school, same Co-Curricular Activity just a few years apart Jon and our Touch videographer both speak Hakka, what a small world.  

Thank you Bernard and Xiao Ying for trusting us with documenting your big day moments. Wishing you both a blissful marriage ahead! Stay tuned for more! //Caleb

Start of a beautiful day !

Start of a beautiful day !