Exclusively Eufei & Eunice! - Only By Grace #Eu5Eu9

Phew! Please forgive us for the lack of updates! It's been one superb non-stop adventure travelling between Singapore, Paris, Iceland, Switzerland and Kyoto the last few months!!

You can find us here! https://www.instagram.com/travelweddingphotography/

But hey hey we are back with an uber awesome wedding capture for Eufei and Eunice! Having met in the University of Western Australia, these two withstood the test of time and tied the knot on the 9th of May in the presence of their beloved family. 

Thank you both for sharing with us this defining milestone in life, we are truly humbled and blessed! May our Abba continue to bless you both abundantly as you allow Him to anchor your home! It's gonna be beautiful! Grace upon Grace!

Exclusively Luke and Vivian by Touch - A Matrimony Anchored by Grace

Thank you Father for such a beautiful wedding, one that in quietness and trust magnifies your name. 

Thank you Father for the beautiful weather, your timing is perfect. 

Thank you Father for a precious reminder of your love for us, how it transforms the relationships that are anchored in your loving kindness, Luke and Vivien's wedding is one such example. 

Thank you Father for surrounding us with kingdom friendship just as how you've surrounded Luke and Vivien with friends who journeys with them and loves them sacrificially. 

Thank you Father for loving us with your all, giving us your best. In your time, you make everything beautiful.

Thank you Father for your loving kindness that we can place our lives, dreams and hope in your hands.

Xavier & Carissa - A Cohesion Wedding Capture

When an adventure entrepreneur (Cohesion.sg) meets a neurology nurse, you get Xavier and Carissa.

Xavier and I go years back since our tertiary education days, back then he already was very witty and intelligent and a very dear brother to me personally and definitely loves God. We'd mess around during weekly CCA meet ups but more than that, it was one of the few friendships you'd know is anchored no matter the seasons. When Xavier introduced Carissa to us, we knew immediately they were perfect for each other, gorgeous personality with a big heart. Like Xavier, you can sense she's always putting others before self. Thank you both for braving the weather and mosquitos, squeezing into fruit stalls and climbing vans, but more so the priceless and authentic life conversations about family and passion in between shoots!! Catch you at Luke's wedding!