Xavier & Carissa - A Cohesion Wedding Capture

When an adventure entrepreneur (Cohesion.sg) meets a neurology nurse, you get Xavier and Carissa.

Xavier and I go years back since our tertiary education days, back then he already was very witty and intelligent and a very dear brother to me personally and definitely loves God. We'd mess around during weekly CCA meet ups but more than that, it was one of the few friendships you'd know is anchored no matter the seasons. When Xavier introduced Carissa to us, we knew immediately they were perfect for each other, gorgeous personality with a big heart. Like Xavier, you can sense she's always putting others before self. Thank you both for braving the weather and mosquitos, squeezing into fruit stalls and climbing vans, but more so the priceless and authentic life conversations about family and passion in between shoots!! Catch you at Luke's wedding!

Exclusively Eugene & Joanne - The Ultimate Heart Thumping, Frisbee Throwing, Dance Grooving Wedding!

Eugene and Joanne are by far the most creative couple we've worked with and once they put their mind to something, they will see that it's done no matter how difficult the task is! From heart-thumping tyre-screeching Swat team actions to the highly energetic mixed genre dance choreography, it was simply action packed from start to end!