How we began



Momentary, stunning lighting on a landscape. A toddler’s first stuttering attempts at standing. An interaction between strangers on the street strikes you as unexpectedly poignant. There is beauty and opportunity for storytelling all around us, but inspiration often comes with a ticking clock. There isn’t always time to set up a tripod and perfect the exposure on your SLR

Touchstudios is born and inspired by a childhood relationship between our founders Caleb and Brenda since 2003.

2 individuals from completely different worlds who fought to stay together despite the whole world going against them. Caleb is local Singaporean chinese, naive yet passionate about life and Brenda an Indonesian Chinese, classy and elegant with a heart of gold. Her family moved to Singapore during the riots in 1998. 

Like all relationships, nothing is perfect, but as they committed each phase and season to the One above, He taught them to cherish the little moments which in time when reflected upon, were actually the big things in life all along. This relationship taught them so many things in life, the process of self-discovery continued to challenge each other to become better versions of themselves. 

Find it, Believe in it, Let go, Be vulnerable, Be you, Make mistakes, Fall down, Love, Laugh, Cry, Dream Jump for joy, Get excited! Look forward! Be disappointed, Be clueless, Hope against all hope, Believe in each other when the world don't. Standstill, Crawl, Walk, Run alongside, Believe in each other when the other loses hope. Hold on, Never let go, Fight for each other. One day you will see the light. 

There is beauty in every moment.
Without distance, closeness cannot heal
Love Unconditional,
Get hurt, Get restored
Put yourself out there, Laugh and Cry together, Hope and Dream Together. 

There is beauty in every moment.
Celebrate love, Celebrate life.