The Secret of Walking with Jesus

Hei beloved!


Took sometime out from a demanding day at work and just prayed and thank God.

This is what I was reminded of for 2 days in a row. First when I *visited* another church (after serving for 2 services in the morning 😅) 

I wandered off into dreams and visions shortly after the sermon started. 😅

Jesus really really really loves us so much. Its all Jesus.... all Jesus.

Understand the heart behind this, it is a reminder that...  


Its NOT first and foremost about who we need to become...

  NOT about what more we need to strife towards (That is also important too)

Its NOT about what more we need to have...


Above all else...


Salvation begins with the Finished work of Christ.

When we *behold* our Jesus and his *Finished work on the cross* through his *Word and Worship*


In due time, we will be tranformed from glory to glory and start to bear the *Fruits* of the spirit. Notice it's fruits which is the *product* of something.


To many times I'm guilty of striving with my own effort for the *fruits* of the spirit when its is actually a *by-product* of just spending time with Jesus.



*2 Cor 3:18* NASB

*But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit.*


At the heart of it,


Its about WHO we ALREADY ARE in Christ (irregardless of our circumstance)


Its first and foremost about *Whose we are* (When we know how much God loves Jesus, we will know how much God loves us) ** That's what made John 3:16 make sense for me when God gave his only begotten son... =)


*His* (first) unfailing love for us anchors my daily *failing* walk with him and causes us to love Him more! 🙂


With Jesus, we can take the worst life throws at us,

because we *already have* the best that God has given us...


I find myself drawn to the grace and goodness of our Jesus, how he can love such a broken person like me and I cant help but worship him for who he is =)


God so good.


Have a beautiful day ahead Yachadians!


You are *Deeply Loved* 🙂