Secret Garden


Each of us need to have our own secret garden, a place of refuge and safety; a place of no condemnation where we can come as we are to transact with the One who loved us and gave himself for us.

Unhurried and undistracted by the demands, worries of the day, He has called us into a divine exchange, to trade our sorrows for His joy, our worries for His peace and our ashes for His beauty.

Under the shadow of His wings we find that place of perfect harmony, peace and clarity of mind. In this place, under the waterfall of His grace and love, we are reminded that our circumstances will never have the last word. In all things He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, He alone holds the first and last word in any situation. 

In this secret garden of grace, His unrelenting love pursues us and captures our heart. While we are still far away our Heavenly Father sees us, he has compassion for us, He runs towards us, embraces us and kiss us, we..... need only to come as we are... 

Our Abba clothes us with robes of righteousness, puts a ring on our finger, covers our feet with sandles, He kills the fattened cow and celebrates us unconditionally, such is the heart of the One who gave it all for us. This is our Jesus.

Thank you Father for this secret garden in the very recesses of my heart where you walk with me in every season, through tears and joy we trust in you, your love and plan for our life. In your time you make all things beautiful. Teach me to still my heart daily, only You can calm the raging seas. 

Today I come just as I am, rested in the almighty arms of my heavenly Father. Your grace has ransomed my heart, slowly turning what was once deeply wounded and closed to one that is beating once again. I am in that place where You are all I have and now I know You are all I need. Thank you Jesus... for walking me today in the secret garden of my heart. My Lord, My Life.