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At Touch, we only serve 36 exclusive couples ever year!  We create wedding documentary that go beyond capturing the norm. Our wedding moments will reflects you, your feelings and your personal story. Journey with us today. +65 85852052 | Instagram@TravelWeddingPhotography


Rarely do you get a team that totally immerse themselves as if they are a part of your family with heart wrenching storytelling skills, the Touch films team is one rare find.  We booked them one and a half years in advance and it was the best decision till date. After all more than 400 couples and 9 years track record can't be wrong.  Jensen and Eujenia Oct 15 2016

Casino Royal setting paired against a 1920s vintage home. Jerrold and Myra's wedding at St Regis was one to behold!

Jerrold is an avid soccer fan, whoever comes in between him and the ball is in trouble. Wendy is gorgeous, gracious and loves Christ. Through this journey, we see how Jerrold has a special way of touching Wendy's heart. Childhood sweethearts who withstood the test of time.

When gorgeous beauty meets chubby hubby, you have Marcus and Lucille. An inspirational couple whose love journey really withstands the test of time!

Joshua and Jeanette by Touch. 

Joshua is an avid lover of watches while Jeanette is all about pastries. Having dated since Polytechnic days their love blossomed through the seasons! We totally love their boomerang wedding moments and dance ins! Thank you for sharing with us your journey!

Deliang was the tallest and one of the most happening groomsmen for one of our dearly loved Touch couple Lawrence and Yiling who tied the knot earlier. When a handsome and dashing gentlemen meets the ever lovely ballerina, you have Deliang and Cynthia. Thank you for sharing your moments with us!

An Epic Mannequin Challenge Wedding

Eugene and Joanne are easily one of the most creative couples we've worked with and once they put their mind to something, they will see that it's done no matter how difficult the task is! From heart-thumping tyre-screeching Swat team actions to the highly energetic mixed genre dance choreography, it was simply action packed from start to end! Catch their wedding stills here! #sohgladtobewong

Wedding Cinema by Touch Films (Promo Special)

Capture your Wedding Moments with our Multiple Award Winning Touch Team!

Save up to 50% off! Limited to 18 couples only! Fastest Fingers First.

  • 6 hr - 1950 (usual $2800)
  • 8 hr - 2450 (usual $3700)
  • 10 hr - 2850 (usual $4400)

Included in All Packages.

  • Professional HD Cinematography by Touch

  • Professional Audio, Lighting and Cinematic Equipment.

  • Same Day Lunch or Dinner Highlight on your wedding day

  • Full Day Wedding Film within 8 to 15 weeks after your wedding day

  • Private Download Gallery of Your Wedding Film


Popular Value Added Upgrades

  • Wedding Photography by Touch 6 hrs + 1000 Sample Here
  • Wedding Photography by Touch 10 hrs + 1500
  • Singapore Prewedding + 60 Edits + All Images Returned + Prewedding Montage + 4 x A1 Enlargement + Makeup = 2480


  • Bali Prewedding + 60 Edits + All Images Returned + Prewedding Montage + 4 x A1 Enlargement + Makeup + 3D2N + 2 Return Tickets = 3480 Here


  • Korea/Japan Prewedding + 60 Edits + All Images Returned + Prewedding Montage + 4 x A1 Enlargement + Makeup + 3D2N + 2 Return Tickets = 6880 Here


  • Paris Prewedding + 60 Edits + All Images Returned + Prewedding Montage + 4 x A1 Enlargement + Makeup + 3D2N + 2 Return Ticket = 7880


Special Sign Up Bonus Via Email

  • Further $350 Discount

Optional (if applicable)

  • Additional Hours at $140/30mins (Billed after wedding)

  • No Early Charge, No GST, No Hidden Cost.

  • Split Day charges at $350 (Billed after wedding)

Before You Begin

  • Our dates are usually booked up to 2 years in advance. Please get in touch with us at 85852052 via whatsapp or email to to check our availability BEFORE you begin,

  • Should we be able to serve you, we’ll send you a confirmation agreement for acceptance. The total cost will be indicated in the agreement and a 50% deposit of the total cost will be required via bank transfer to complete the confirmation. Booking is deemed incomplete if the 50% deposit is not received. The balance of payment will be within 2 days after your wedding day. In the unlikely we are unable to deliver, Touch will be liable up to the full amount of the wedding package.

After all, more than 400 happy couples can't be wrong?